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Pregnancy, problems and osteopathy

Congratulations! A new life is growing inside you. And that’s just it. Growing. Unfortunately this little miracle may mean that you are experiencing, or will experience, physical complaints related to the pregnancy. In simple terms: your child is taking up more space, and your body has to adapt to this. You may have pre-existing complaints that have worsened, or perhaps you are concerned that symptoms may develop. Not to mention the hormonal changes that your body has to undergo!

Osteopathy can an effective treatment for many problems during pregnancy.

Which pregnancy-related problems can osteopathy help?

Pregnancy-related problems that I frequently treat include:

  • Back/neck problems
  • Headache/migraine symptoms
  • Hormonal problems
  • Sleep issues
  • Stomach/digestive issues
  • Pelvic problems

Do you have one or more of the above problems and would like to make an appointment? Please feel free to contact me on 06 38303629 or email me on

Osteopathie bij zwangerschap

Pregnancy complaints? How do i set to work

The first consultation is always an intake appointment and a physical examination. In our conversation I will try to collate all your symptoms and, together with you, try to find where the causes of the problems lie.

On the basis of this diagnosis I will immediately set to work. The manual techniques I use always involve my hands, and I often use the musculoskeletal system (muscles and joints) as a means to approach your problems. This can be mobilisation techniques as well as manipulations (‘cracking’ joints, to use the slang term). To treat other systems I may use techniques on the skull, the stomach, the chest etc.

During the course of treatment I will always give advice regarding how best to deal with the problems yourself, and what you can do yourself to positively influence the symptoms.

If you have questions about osteopathy or would like to know more about how I operate, please feel free to contact me by telephone on 071-5230185 or 06-38303629, or by email on

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