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Osteopathy and hormonal problems

Our bodies consist of all sorts of cells and organs. All these cells and organs need to be able to work together effectively in order to be able to continue to function properly without (hormonal) problems. Communication between the cells and the organs is effected by the nervous system and the hormonal system.

Hormones are substances produced in the endocrine organs. From there, the brain sends them each out to specific organs to carry out their particular functions. Our brains and nervous system are constantly screening our bodies to see if everything is in balance and is functioning properly.

When this is not the case, hormones are deployed to re-establish the balance or to ensure that a function can be carried out. For instance: the hormone adrenaline is despatched in a sudden stress situation to make sure you in an increased state of alertness.

In today’s society our hormonal system is under increasing pressure, due to factors such as insufficient sleep, more stress, unhealthy eating, smoking etc. All these factors can lead to you developing symptoms.

These can of course be ‘normal’ physical symptoms, but many seem to be medically inexplicable symptoms, and these can be hormonal issues.

Osteopathy can help with hormonal issues. As an osteopath and acupuncturist I am specialised in the treatment of these symptoms. Would you like to make an appointment? Please feel free to contact me on 06 38303629 or email me on

Osteopathie hormonale balans

Which hormonal problems can osteopathy help?

Osteopathy is an effective treatment method for many hormone-related problems.

Hormone-related problems that I treat with osteopathy include: 

  • Unwanted infertility (men and women)
  • Headache/migraine
  • Burnout symptoms
  • Sleep complaints
  • Stomach/digestive complaints
  • Pelvic problems

Do you recognise one or more of the above problems and would like to make an appointment? Please feel free to contact me on 06 38303629 or by email on

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