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Rates and reimbursement

Because I use various methods of treatment, each requiring different levels of time and expertise, I employ various rates, namely:

Consultation osteopathy standard (40-45 minutes)    €80

Consultation osteopathy short/child (30 minutes)       €55

(Please note!! This rate is only for the treatment of children or for a short consultation.)

The treatments offered by Doortast Osteopathy are (partially) reimbursed by various health insurance providers with the ‘aanvullende’ (extended) insurance package under alternative healthcare. Check your policy in advance, so that you know exactly what the possibilities are. If you would like to see immediately what your insurer will reimburse, click HERE.

I am registered with the NRO (Dutch Register for Osteopathy), number NRO-10231.

My practice AGB code is 90050690, and my personal AGB code is 90041871

 Standard terms and conditions apply to my treatments. The terms and conditions of the practice form part of the treatment agreement between the client and the therapist.

No rights can be derived from the information regarding the health insurance providers.

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Would you like to make an appointment?

If, having read this website, you would like to know more, have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, please feel free to ring me. I am available on 06 38303629. You can also email me on I look forward to hearing from you!

 Barend van Zelm van Eldik



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    Doortast Osteopathy

    In 2009 I set up Doortast practice for physiotherapy, acupuncture and (sport) rehabilitation. Since then I have added the specialisation of osteopathy. At Doortast we work with a team of 5 professional, enthusiastic therapists to treat your symptoms and guide you through your rehabilitation process. Our motto: to give you the best care that you need.


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