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Why might adults need osteopathy?

Ageing (adults) is a natural process. Unfortunately, however, as you age you may not necessarily stay fit and healthy. The responsibilities increase and the pressure on your physical constitution also increases. Unfortunately, this brings with it many physical complaints. Many of these have a clear cause, such as a bad posture while working, the wrong movement while playing sport or a fall from your bicycle.

In the majority of cases you can continue to live with these complaints for a long time, because your body has a natural inclination to compensate – to ignore and to avoid your problems.

There are also, however, symptoms with a less obvious cause, which can often be very persistent. These ‘unexplained’ complaints can express themselves in the musculoskeletal system (back, neck, hips etc.) but they often have a deeper-rooted cause. For instance, they may be due to reduced functioning of one of your organs (stomach/digestive issues, kidney problems etc.), hormonal problems, earlier trauma, stress etc.


What does the osteopath do with adults?

Musculoskeletal symptoms are easily treatable. However, if you do not find the cause, then the problems will persist, or return after a period of time, and you end up with persistent, inexplicable complaints.

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How do I set to work witk adults injuries?

Your first consultation with me is always an intake appointment. I will ask you all sorts of questions in order for us to discover together the root of your problems. This discussion will be followed by a physical examination. I always look at the whole body and check all joints and structures for mobility – all the work I do is carried out doing manual techniques using my hands.

I will then set to work straight away with treatment. The joints or structures that have decreased mobility will be released. To do this I use mobilisation techniques as well as manipulations (‘crunches’).


I frequently use the spine as a first point of contact, but techniques on the skull, the stomach or elsewhere in the body are very normal during treatments. I will also give advice regarding how best to deal with the symptoms and what you can do to prevent them from recurring.

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