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Barend as osteopath

My name is Barend van Zelm van Eldik and I am an Osteopath and Acupuncturist by profession.

I am 43 years old, married and father of two children. I began my career as a physiotherapist, and in 2009 set up Praktijk Doortast.

During my work as a physiotherapist I specialized in all spine-related complaints and disorders and in the guidance of sportsmen and -women before and after injuries.

In addition, I specialized in dry needling, ultrasound and lifestyle advice, all of which I used during my treatments.

I gradually started to realise that although many symptoms were treatable, it was often unclear exactly where the cause of these symptoms lay. That frustrated me, and at the same time I began to see that there was more to this than just muscles and joints. I therefore decided to increase my knowledge and skills by studying first acupuncture and then osteopathy.

These studies have provided me a great deal of information about the body and have opened up a great many possibilities for effective treatment of my clients’ problems.

Within acupuncture I have specialized in the treatment of all sorts of hormonal issues (menstrual problems, infertility, burnout, allergies, headaches and stomach and digestive complaints).

As an osteopath I focus on long-terms physical problems, in particular hormonal issues, stomach and digestive complaints, allergies, unwanted infertility etc.

Osteopaat Barend van Zelm

How do I work as an osteopath?

The first consultation is always an intake appointment and a physical examination. In our conversation I will try to collate all your symptoms and, together with you, try to find where the causes of the problems lie.

On the basis of this diagnosis I will immediately set to work. The manual techniques I use always involve my hands, and I often use the musculoskeletal system (muscles and joints) as a means to approach your problems. This can be mobilisation techniques as well as manipulations (‘cracking’ joints, to use the slang term). To treat other systems I may use techniques on the skull, the stomach, the chest etc.

During the course of treatment I will always give advice regarding how best to deal with the problems yourself, and what you can do yourself to positively influence the symptoms.

 If you have questions about osteopathy or would like to know more about how I operate, please feel free to contact me by telephone on 071-5230185 or 06-38303629, or by email on

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    Doortast Osteopathy

    In 2009 I set up Doortast practice for physiotherapy, acupuncture and (sport) rehabilitation. Since then I have added the specialisation of osteopathy. At Doortast we work with a team of 5 professional, enthusiastic therapists to treat your symptoms and guide you through your rehabilitation process. Our motto: to give you the best care that you need.


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